ArcoLinux is my favorite Linux distribution. Xmonad is my favorite window manager.

Why is ArcoLinux my number one?

  • Arch Linux based - I consider Arch Linux to be the best Linux distribution for developers.
  • Rolling release model - I’m getting the latest security fixes and new features as soon as possible.
  • AUR - amazing collection of packages.
  • YAY(yet another yogurt) - awesome AUR helper implemented in Go.

Why is Xmonad my favorite window manager?

  • Does one thing and does it well. Minimalism at its purest form.
  • No time wasted resizing and moving windows around. Xmonad does it for me.
  • Mouse free. Strong emphasis on keyboard only usage.
  • Uses Haskell for configuration. Haskell is one of my favorite programming languages. Using Haskell for my window manager is good for me because I learn a lot.

ArcoLinux is fast, cool and beautiful:

ArcoLinux with Xmonad
ArcoLinux with Xmonad
ArcoLinux with Xmonad

Start using it now!