Applicative Functors in Haskell

Applicative Functors in Haskell extend on the idea of Functors.

Functors are things that can be mapped over. Another way of looking at functors
is as values with an added context. For instance, Maybe values have the extra context that they may have failed. Whit lists, the context is that the value can actually be several values or none.
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Functors in Haskell

A Functor in Haskell is a type class.

What is a type class?

A type class represents a set of variables that have certain properties.
For example in Haskell the Eq type class represents things that can be equated.
The Show type class serves as an interface for things that can be displayed as strings.
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Emacs as a window manager

As a developer I find myself having to connect to multiple machines several times during the day. I wanted to automate the process and discovered Expect - a tool for automation of interactive applications.

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NixOS - the purely functional Linux distribution

NixOS is a Linux distribution with unique approach to package and configuration management. Built on top of the Nix package manager, it is completely declarative and makes upgrading systems reliable.

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My first violin scroll

I got into violin making out of curiosity. I’m do it yourself type of person and like exploring and understanding how things work.

Some people says that the violin is a generator of free energy because it amplifies the sound of the strings without any external energy input. The miracle of the resonance inside of the violin body has not been completely understood yet. Nobody really knows how exactly the resonance works in the violin and why the shape and the sizes have to be the way they are.

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The importance of personal projects

I came to America with only 2 bags, a green card in my pocket and a head full of dreams. Building a game as a personal project helped me in my search for a job. I wanted to have some personal project to show to people so I built a car racing game.

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