I’ve been using Emacs for almost 10 years and I have only good things to say about it.

Why am i so happy about Emacs?

Emacs is a modular ecosystem

  • I can customize everything.
  • It has a huge selection of packages.
  • Emacs is a platform to create my own thing.

Org mode is the best organizer that I have seen

  • Org mode helps me to keep notes, maintain TODO lists, plan projects and author documents.
  • I’ve been using Org mode at work and home and it has been very helpfull.
  • I can make nice presentations with org-reveal.

Magit is the best git integration that I have seen

  • Hunk operations in Magit are like nothing else.

Wonderfull Docker integration

  • I use Emacs to run Docker containers at work.


  • I can seamlessly edit files on remote servers via SSH or FTP.
  • I think of tramp as if I have mounted the remote server on my machine using sshfs. It uses binaries from my own machine.
  • Edit local files with su/sudo.
  • I can use external binaries while coding on a remote machine without installing my dev environment there.

Literate DevOps

  • I can connect and edit files remotely.
  • I can use org-babel to write documentation with bits of code in it. I can execute the code while I read/write it (literate programming).
  • I can bookmark directories across multihopped ssh connections.
  • I can easily return to saved locations on remote machines.
  • Using the following in my OrgMode file I can easily install my favorite packages on my Linux machines at home:
sudo yay rust haskell go


  • I can edit a directory listing like a regular text file. Dired will update the file system to produce the directory listing that I want.
  • Dired-sidebar and sunrise-commander.

Colorful text editor

  • Emacs has very beautifull color themes. I really like the colorization of search results.

Learning Emacs Lisp

  • I’m learning Emacs Lisp because I write helper functions for my Emacs setup.
  • Emacs Lisp is a cousin to other lisps like Clojure and Racket. By learning it I’m also learning a technology that has a real monetary value.


  • Mind blowing.

Ace Jump

  • I can happily jump around without using the mouse.
  • Supports mouse-free development.
  • Wonderfull.


  • I can export the current buffer as an html document with the current syntax highlighting as inline styles.
  • It is like taking a screenshot except that I can still copy and paste from it.


  • Gorgeous.


  • Editable grep buffer using ag and wgrep.
  • I can edit a grep buffer and apply those changes to the files being grepped.


  • Amazing.

Occur mode

  • Grep on steroids for my text editor.

Support for multiple cursors

  • Why have just one?

Indirect buffers (clone-indirect-buffer)

  • I can edit the same buffer with multiple modes when I combine indirect buffer with narrowing.
  • Each cloned buffer has a different mark ring, narrowing and other buffer properties.

Emacs is a timeless piece of software and irreplaceable