I came to America with only 2 bags, a green card in my pocket and a head full of dreams. Building a game as a personal project helped me in my search for a job. I wanted to have some personal project to show to people so I built a car racing game.

One of the most important aspects of building a game is developing beautiful graphic assets. Designing compelling graphics is what makes or breaks a game. Using ASCII art for the graphics seems like a good choice when one doesn’t want to deal with Gimp.

My game helped me in getting my first job in America as a software engineer building games at Incredible Technologies. During my job interview I was asked to describe my game and most of the conversation was about the game.

Here is a screen shot of the game:

This is how the game looks after a crash:

The game can be played here:

JTrak game

If the game doesn’t run in the browser it can be executed from the command line:

appletviewer http://lenkodonchev.com/static/jtrack/

The above line requires a Java Development Kit to be installed.