Playing the violin is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

I believe that the making of a violin is going to be the next best thing to happen to me.

For my first violin scroll I decided to follow the steps described in the book “The Art of Violin Making” by Chris Johnson.

The first thing that is needed in order to build a scroll is a pattern and wood. I got the wood from International Violin. I took a picture of the scroll of my own violin to use as a pattern. I glued the picture to the piece of wood:

The tools used for violin making are very important. The higher quality the tools the better.

I use Dastra gouges for the shaping:

This is how the scroll looks after the shaping:

The wood for my first scroll turned out to be defective. The picture shows the defect of the wood.
I filled the defect with super glue and was thinking about restoring the wood but decided to leave it as is and start again using another piece of wood.

International Violin sent me another piece of wood as a replacement.

Violin making is addictive. The process of continuous improvement by removal of the wood until the perfect shape is achieved is very similar to software development and it feels great.

Violin making is like software development. It is difficult to get it right but it feels great when you do it.